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In my regular day job I work for a big pharmaceutical company. Mainly with SAP in the ERP IT domain with a background in Manufacturing, Logistics and Finance. For more details on my professional life please refer to my CV and profile on Linkedin.


Beside my IT-focused day job I have have computer technology as my private hobby; guess which one was first. My private endeavours with software development are more for entertainment but also to expand my area of expertise beyond what I'm allowed to do in my day job. Another area I'm interested and engaged with are music, aircrafts and photography (landscapes, animals and airshows).


Since some years I'm engaged in distributed computing and mainly support the project Folding@Home from Stanford University. Beside spending my own resources like computer, GPUs & electrical power I spend some time on the related internet forums like FoldingForum, [H]ardForum and MacRumors trying to help fellow donors solving their issues and support official beta testing. And since I'm a software developer by heart I wrote for myself a little iPad/iPhone application FAHMM to control my own folding progress. You can use it too ;-)

Self Intro

Allow me to quick introduce myself:
An computer enthusiast since at nearly four decades. My virtual career started with a Sinclair ZX81, followed soon by a Commodore C64 and Atari ST. The Atari got me into my first job where I worked for a small software company developing network components, systems for in-circuit testing and pharmaceutical production support software. Few years later I decided to get some additional knowledge outside of IT and studied economics, accounting, controlling and tax laws in Berlin, Germany. Of course never really leaving IT I combined tax law and expert systems in my diploma thesis. Thats eventually opened the door into the "wonderful world" of SAP/ERP; in which I'm still active during my professional assignments. And I love it ... most of the time.

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Mobile App

An app running under iOS on iPad and iPhone to remote control the user's folding@home systems from anywhere. Starting/stopping/pausing; watching error logs; project details; statistics and visualize proteins are some of the features.

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FAH WrapperGPUTrajectory


A python script to support the visualisation of proteins with the standard FAH-Viewer.

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Mobile App

psst, still secret

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